About Generator Power

Generator Power is here to help you learn about portable generators. Through in-depth reviews, pictures, and related information, you can discover what is available, what we (and others) consider the best options, and thus narrow down your choices before you decide to get one for yourself.

Obviously, we cannot have tried out all the portable generators we review here. That just wouldn’t be feasible or practical, even if we had the funds to do so. What we do is present a lot of information from other sources in a smaller amount of space and organize it so that it makes sense to you.

Based on the information in those reviews, you can then make your own wise decisions and make a purchase that fits your situation – one that you hopefully won’t regret later when you actually put the generator to use.

We thank you for taking the time to visit Generator Power and hope that you do find it useful and helpful. Let us know if there is more we can do to be of service.