Does A Whole House Generator Add Value to Your Home?

home value

Living in an area that experiences regular power outages can be frustrating. You might wonder if a whole house generator could be valuable for your home in these times. Whole house generators can really dig into your wallet, so you need to be sure before buying one. Whole house generators aren’t a new thing. People … Read more

12 Days of Deals to Power

12 Days of Christmas

I honestly can’t say that you’ll find a special deal on portable generators in Amazon’s “12 Days of Deals”, but I know there are plenty of things you can power, like these Dash Air Fryers. Don’t need a fryer just now? You almost always could have a cleaner floor, so why not pick up this … Read more

7 Best Uses for a Portable Generator (Infographic)

There are more reasons to use a portable generator than just for when the power goes out in your house. Here are the top 7 reasons to get a portable generator in infographic form. Feel free to copy and post this list elsewhere online. The most common reason for you as a consumer is probably … Read more

What to Look for in a Portable Generator

When you’re ready to get a portable generator, there are a number of important considerations that you should think about. Let’s look at some scenarios that will put you in the right frame of mind, and then we’ll dig into the details of what to shop for. Scenario #1 – It’s summertime. You and your … Read more