Does A Whole House Generator Add Value to Your Home?

home value

Living in an area that experiences regular power outages can be frustrating. You might wonder if a whole house generator could be valuable for your home in these times. Whole house generators can really dig into your wallet, so you need to be sure before buying one. Whole house generators aren’t a new thing. People …

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How Long Does a Propane Tank Last on A Generator?

propane tanks

Propane is one of many fuels available to power a generator. When deciding which additional power source will fit your home best, asking how long a propane tank lasts on a generator is necessary.  Generators are reliable, but their power sources may not always be. The costs, ease of use, availability, and eco-footprint of these …

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What Kind of Oil Does A Generator Use?


Knowing which oil your generator uses will help you buy the best brand for it. There are many types on the market, and each has different qualities that they claim makes them the best.  You need to know a thing or two about generator oil to buy the right type. In this article, I share …

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