Does A Whole House Generator Add Value to Your Home?

Living in an area that experiences regular power outages can be frustrating. You might wonder if a whole house generator could be valuable for your home in these times. Whole house generators can really dig into your wallet, so you need to be sure before buying one.

Whole house generators aren’t a new thing. People have used powerful generators for years, primarily to live off-grid or when camping. These models are big enough to provide energy to big outdoor setups and ensure the light stays on through the night.

In this article, I share why a whole house generator can benefit your home and add value to it. What you should keep in mind when browsing for one is also mentioned!

The Benefits of Having a Whole House Generator

Having power when there isn’t is probably the biggest selling point of a whole house generator. But I bet you didn’t know about these other benefits too!

Whole House Generators Are Convenient

A powerful generator can keep your whole house running when the power cuts out. As soon as your primary power source goed out, your generator will automatically kick in. Some models have a single switch you’ll need to turn on, but you can buy whichever suits your preference. 

Whole House Generators Save You Money In The Long Run

Generators can shake your budget but save you lots of money in the long run. If you live in an area where power cuts are expected, a whole house generator can keep your lights on and appliances running. Regular power outages can damage household appliances. 

Electricity bills can also get insane. If you have a gas-powered generator, you might be able to save money using it during the night or a few days per week instead of staying connected to the grid.  

Whole House Generators Are Safe

Getting your whole house generator installed by a qualified electrician will make it reliable and safe. Professionals follow the correct installation procedures and follow the laws prescribed.  

Whole House Generators Keep Your Water Running

If you use water pumps that work with electricity, you probably get really frustrated when the power goes out. A whole house generator can keep water pumps running to make hot showers possible whenever you need one. 

Whole House Generators Keep Perishables Fresh

Power cuts can spoil your whole month’s groceries. Everything from the cheese in the fridge to the meat in the freezer can go off when your appliances aren’t running.

Luckily, your whole house generator will keep your fridge powered until the grid electricity turns on again.

Whole House Generators Make Your House Safe

The dark compromises safety. When the electricity goes out, gate motors won’t work, alarm systems will shut off, and cameras won’t have power. Your house will probably be pitch dark, making it the perfect environment for thieves to access. 

Your generator will eliminate those weak spots and ensure your house stays safe. 

power outage

How a Whole House Generator Adds Value To Your Home

Investing in a whole house generator will add value to your home. You can have a permanent one installed or choose a portable model. 

Whole House Generators Can Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Home insurance can add a large sum of money to your monthly bills. Insurance companies want to know everything about where you live and how your house operates. They need to evaluate the risk of something happening that needs to be covered. 

The chances are good that your insurance premium will be lower if you have a whole house generator. It reduces the risk of a break-in, appliance damage, and possibly flooding. 

Whole House Generators Can Make Your House Easier To Sell

New homeowners don’t want to splurge on whole-house generators and other massive investments. Most would prefer if these benefits come with the house they’re about to buy. 

Your selling market will expand when you have a whole house generator installed, especially if you live in an area with regular power cuts. The cost of these generators are also well known. You can add the value of your investment to your selling price without raising it too high. 

Whole House Generators Increase Value of Your Home

With all the benefits mentioned above, your whole house generator will increase the value of your house. You can expect to sell your home for 3 – 5 percent more than you could have without one. 

How to Choose The Best Whole House Generator for Your Home

Houses differ, and that’s why the market has a wide selection of whole house generators available. Choosing the right one for your home is important if you want it to run smoothly. Here’s some things to keep in mind while you’re shopping:

Size: The size of your generator is essential. First, you must consider how big a generator can fit into your available space. The next thing to keep in mind is how many appliances you have in your house. You’ll need a model that’s powerful enough to keep your whole home running.

Fuel Source: Your generator’s fuel source is another important factor. You should think about its availability, cost, and sustainability. 

Cost: A whole house generator doesn’t fit any budget. While the benefits make this a worthwhile investment, it’s still a large sum of money to put down. Consider what you need from your generator and try to find one that caters to your need. If you can afford a model that’s a little bigger than your basic requirements, invest in it!

So, Does A Generator Add Value To Your Home?

Purchasing a whole house generator is a significant investment. You should do diligent research before deciding on a brand and model. Finding the right one for your needs might take some time, but choosing hastily will cost you in the future. 

After reading this article, I hope you see how beneficial a whole house generator can be and what value it will add to your home. If you still have unanswered questions about generators, ask them in the comments!