What is a Solar Generator: Everything you need to know, and if they’re worthwhile

What Is A Solar Generator

If you can’t afford a whole-house solar setup, consider investing in its little brother: the solar generator. These devices will keep you smiling when the lights around you go off!

These generators are a green energy solution that’s easy to use and powerful. Having one of these can make power outages more comfortable or keep you from sleeping in the dark on your next camping trip. 

In this article, I explain what these generators are and list the advantages and disadvantages of investing in one. After reading it, you’ll better understand how they work and whether buying one is a good idea. 

Solar Generators Explained: What They Are and How They Work

A solar generator is similar to regular generators in many ways. The main difference is that their power source is solar energy, not fossil fuels.

Solar generators use portable solar panels to harvest power from the sun. The sun is a free, natural, and renewable source of energy that’s sustainable.

The energy travels in DC form to the charge controller. The charge controller is a little box connected to the solar generator. This box prevents overpowering your devices at a voltage that’s too high. 

From the charge controller, it gets transferred to the battery. The batteries get charged, and this is how electricity is stored. You can use the power at night and when the sun’s not shining.  

The next step is transferring the power through the battery to the inverter. This is where the current gets converted from DC to AC. Most appliances run on AC, making this conversion vital.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Generators

Solar generators may seem like the perfect solution, but there are some things to keep in mind when considering them. Like other fuel sources for generators, using the sun has pros and cons. 

The Advantages of Solar Generators

No Additional Costs: The initial cost is the only thing you’ll be splurging on with a solar generator. The energy these generators harvests from the sun is completely free, so you don’t have to pay a cent extra for fuel to fuel your device.

No Noise: Regular generators have many moving parts in the engine that create a lot of noise.

Solar generators don’t have these moving parts, and the entire system is very quiet. You can install the generator anywhere without worrying about noise complaints or regulations.

Low Maintenance: Since solar generators don’t have moving parts, they don’t wear internally. You don’t need to maintain them as often or replace parts. This saves you a lot of money and time. 

Environmentally Friendly: Solar generators work with the most eco-friendly resource available. They don’t burn fossil fuels and emit gasses like regular generators. 

These models don’t harm the planet, and their long lifespan helps them avoid dumping sites.

Renewable Source: The sun has always been and always will be available for use. Scientists estimate that there are just a little less than 5 billion years left in the sun’s lifetime. 

As long as we’re alive, the sun will still be available and renewable. No amount of electricity your solar panel can generate will finish the sun’s energy. You don’t have to stress like regular generator users about diesel or oil being spent in the near future. 

Portable: This is one of the main advantages solar generators offer. You can use them in any place that has access to sunlight. 

You can take your generator on your next camping trip or vacation to ensure you have electricity. They aren’t bulky and oversized, and the solar panels can easily be mounted to any surface. 

The Disadvantages of Solar Generators 

Charging Time: Regular fossil fuel generators give you power as soon as you turn them on. Some solar generators don’t do the same, and it can take a while to generate enough energy from the sun.

Unfortunately, the batteries don’t charge in a few minutes. You need to power them the whole day to use them through the night. 

Initial Cost: Any solar power setup is costly regarding its initial investment. Solar generators are no different and more expensive than regular generators. 

However, the benefits you get from having power anywhere with a free resource outweigh these high costs. 

Load Size: Some generators and their batteries can’t power large appliances like washing machines or anything with an element. 

You can easily bypass this disadvantage by investing in a bigger generator, however, the cost will be more. If you calculate the amount of electricity you need to power your appliances, you can buy the right size for your needs. 

Are Solar Generators a Good Investment?

Despite the many cheaper alternatives, solar generators remain a good investment. 

While any generating system is a good idea if you expect regular power outages, solar generators have added benefits. 

The benefits of solar generators tend to outweigh the high investment costs. They can save you a lot of money in the long run by saving your appliances and food. You also don’t need to buy fuel to keep them running or maintain them as much. 

These generators are portable and light. If you’re a fan of camping and prefer having power on the move, a solar generator will fit your lifestyle. The right-sized one will keep your appliances powered for as long as you need.

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Final Words

Saving to invest in a solar generator is a good idea. Whether you experience regular power outages, like camping with the lights on, or you’re trying to find a way to supplement your household grid electricity with a more sustainable source, these models can work! Solar generators are reliable, save you money over time, and rank high on the environmentally friendly list. If you want to learn more about solar power check out SolarSena, a great website with lots of information!

I suggest visiting a solar shop to find the best solar generator deal. You’ll also get guidance on which generator setup will work best for your needs.

If this article was helpful, let me know in the comments! You can also add any additional questions you have in there.