7 Best Uses for a Portable Generator (Infographic)

There are more reasons to use a portable generator than just for when the power goes out in your house.

Here are the top 7 reasons to get a portable generator in infographic form. Feel free to copy and post this list elsewhere online.

Best Uses for a Portable Generator

The most common reason for you as a consumer is probably backup power during an outage. These days you don’t want to be without your cell phone, air conditioning in warmer climates, home medical equipment, appliances like a refrigerator, and many more items you need daily.

Closely related to the above is the need for a generator during a natural disaster. In some areas, even though the power companies consistently provide you with power, they can’t always manage to do so when nature intervenes. It’s after a tornado or hurricane strikes, a monster snow storm blows through, or an earthquake really shakes things up that you need a generator to see you through.

A relatively new use for a generator is to charge the batteries in your hybrid or electric car. In some instances, you may find this charging method more useful than any other.

Builders and construction workers also find the need for generating power at construction sites before electricity has been connected. They use power tools a lot and can’t always rely on batteries for them. This is why you’ll often see a portable generator hanging from a crane at the end of the workday.

Farmers often find the need for remote power on large farms. There can be timber to clear for additional acreage. They may need to power up other power tools far away from the homestead. A portable generator solves the problem of how to get the job done. It can also aid the feeding of livestock out in the fields.

Are you a camper? (I’m not.) If you love to get out in the woods and away from the bright lights, you may still find that you need a power source at least part of the time. You can keep food cold for a while with ice, but eventually that will melt. A portable generator will keep a small refrigerator running so you can keep food fresh for as long as you need on your camping trip. Obviously you can use it for other purposes as mentioned above too.

Portable generators are not just for the bad times or for work. You can also use them for fun and recreation. Outdoor events sometimes need more power in locations that don’t have any. Festivals, reunions, weddings, BBQs, and other parties are excellent occasions for bringing in one or more generators.

You may have your own additional reasons for wanting or needing a portable generator. Whatever your reasons are, you should be able to find one that matches those wants and needs here at Gen Power. Good luck with your search.