Honda EG Series Portable Generators Reviews: Mostly for Your Home

Honda EG6500 portable generator
Honda EG6500 portable generator

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Honda EG Series generators seem to be a cross between the EU Series (reviewed here) and the EB Series (reviewed here). These are mainly intended for home use (like the EUs) but overall have more power (like the EBs). So, you get the best of both worlds. Cool!

We’ll take a look here at the 4 main models in the EG line. You’ll see a quick comparison, via a table, of some of the more significant features of each model. We’ll also look at what distinguishes each one from the rest.

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How Do the Honda EG Series Portable Generators Compare to Each Other?

The table below shows some of the main features of each EG model. You’ll notice that, as you move from left to right, the amount of power and number of features (and the price, if it were shown) increases.

Displacement (cc)186270389389
AC Output*120V 2500W120 / 240V 3500W120 / 240V 4500W120 /240V 5500W
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.)
Run Time per Tank* (hrs.)
Dimensions (in.)16.9 x 17.6 x 18.926.8 x 20.9 x 22.526.8 x 22.8 x 22.626.8 x 20.9 x 22.5
Weight (lbs.)66.6148173179

*These figures are given for running the unit at the rated load.

As you can see, the wattage increases by 1000 from one generator to the next. Somehow, Honda manages to use the same engine (assuming the information at the Honda website is correct) for the EG5000 and the EG6500 and yet get more power from the latter. (Can you say, “Efficiency”?)

What Is Special about the EG2800i Generator?

The EG2800i, which is an inverter machine, is significantly smaller and lighter – and somewhat quieter – than the others. If you don’t need 240V output and can handle just over 5 hours before you need to refill the tank, then this is probably the model for you.

Inverter technology gives you “cleaner”, stable power in a smaller generator. If space and clean power are a consideration for you, these would be additional reasons to seriously look at the EG2800i.

That said, the EG2800i is very similar to the EB2800i. Honda even calls them “sisters”. The single video below shows details about both of these machines.

In the table above, you saw that it had a rated runtime of 5.1 hours. Honda uses their Eco Throttle system to give you up to 12 hours of use at ¼ load. When you’re not using the power produced by the unit, it throttles down to conserve fuel. That also cuts down on the volume level.

The EG2800i has a 3 year residential, but only a 1 year commercial, warranty. Most likely you would be using this model at home, so would get the 3 years which is fairly standard across the Honda lines.

The receptacles in this unit include a 20A 125V Duplex and a 30A 125V locking plug. The latter makes this generator transfer switch ready, in case you want to try to use it to power your entire house. You probably would want a larger machine for that though.

Honda EG2800i

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Is There Anything Special about the Larger EG Generators?

Honda EG5000 generator
Honda EG5000 generator

Other than the 1000-watt power increases (and related features), there really isn’t all that much difference among them.

All 4 of these models are protected by the Honda Oil Alert® feature that lets you know when the oil level is getting too low.

Each Honda generator here has a recoil (pull) starter. The 3 larger models also have an electric start. Otherwise, pulling on the cord can be quite a chore on a big machine. That said, Honda engines usually do start on the first or second pull.

All 3 larger models have what Honda calls DAVR. Quoting Honda:

[This model] “uses Honda’s exclusive DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator). The DAVR is designed to hold the voltage stability within a +/- 1% range during operation. This provides more consistent power.”

Consistent power is important for many applications. Sometimes even a small dip in the stream of power can produce unwanted results. So, you’re getting some built-in peace of mind here.

All these generators have the Honda 3 year warranty.

All have the same receptacles: Two 20A 125V GFCI duplex, a 30A 125V locking plug, and a 30A 125 / 250V locking plug.

What Uses Does Honda Suggest for the EG Series of Portable Generators?

For all EG models, you can power such items as these.

  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Microwave oven
  • TV
  • Hair dryer
  • Coffee maker
  • Incandescent lights

For the larger models, Honda additionally suggests these items.

  • Air compressor (1/2 hp)
  • Bench grinder (8 in.)
  • Circular saw (heavy duty, 7 1/4 in.)
  • Concrete vibrator
  • Drills
  • High-pressure washer (1 hp)
  • Table saw (10 in.)

Note that some of these machines tend to be used more at a jobsite than a home. Obviously, these lists are just the tip of the iceberg. You will most certainly find most uses for any of these generators.

What Do Users Have to Say about the EG Series Generators?

Speaking of the EG2800i, one owner compliments it this way.

“After following the startup guide, it started right up and we ran it for about 8 hrs a day for the next 4 days to keep the fridge/freezer cold, run some power tools, hair dryer, etc.”

The owner of this EG5000 must live in Florida.

“I purchased this generator last minute before Hurricane Matthew made landfall. I decided on a Honda for their reputation of quality and reliability. After the hurricane hit, we were out of power for four days. The EG5000 powered everything in our house besides the AC”

As with many portable generator choices, the model you pick often comes down to the power you need and the price you can pay.

Honda EG4000

Check the pricing and availability of the Honda EG4000 generator at Amazon.

If you don’t think any of these EG series models are for you, check out the EU series, EB series, or EM series for one that suits you better.