Hyundai HY2000Si vs HY2800Si Inverter Generators

Hyundai is known for creating some good products. In fact, I’m considering buying one of their hybrid cars for my next vehicle. But how are they on making portable generators? Are they able to match the quality of other producers in this field?

Hyundai HY2000Si portable generator

Let’s take a quick look at two of their smaller inverter generators – the HY2000Si and the HY2800Si – to see how they compare, what users think of them, and what you might expect to get if you snag one for yourself.

Hyundai HY2800Si generator
Hyundai HY2800Si portable generator

If you’re in a hurry and just want to check the pricing and availability (which might be a significant factor in this case) at Amazon, you can click (or tap) the link to the HY2800Si just below. Otherwise, just keep scrolling and reading to get the details about each of these machines.

You’ll see both of these models on the same page via that one link – more on that feature below.

Hyundai Generators at Amazon – Confusion Reigns

I mentioned above that availability could be an important piece of the puzzle when selecting a Hyundai generator, at least, when you’re shopping at Amazon. Obviously this can change from one moment to the next, but as of this writing, the HY2000Si is out of stock there.

I sometimes wish Amazon wouldn’t allow this, but both the HY2000Si and the HY2800Si are found on the same page. You’ve seen it before…you just have to click the “size” box to get to the model you’re more interested in.

One of the main problems with this setup is that it can be very difficult to make any sense of the 1-to-5-star ratings. They are all combined into one overall result, no matter which model the purchaser owns.

Hyundai HY2000Si control panel

Fortunately, if you dig far enough, you can separate these results a bit.

On the face of it, it looks (as of this writing) as if 25% of owners are really quite displeased with their Hyundai. That’s not good. But most of those reviews are for the HY2000Si, not the HY2800Si. When you look at only reviews for the HY2800Si, you see customers are much more satisfied with their machine.

Many of the complaints relative to the HY2000Si are about the generator working for only 10 hours or less – sometimes a lot less – before dying.

So, combining these facts with the availability factor, I can only recommend the HY2800Si to you now.

HY2000Si and HY2800Si Features and Specifications

In the table below is some very confusing information. The second column, labeled “HY2000Si at Amazon”, is what you are (currently) told about this model at Amazon, but I believe it is incorrect. It seems to be for a 2200-watt model that is not shown on the sales page. A quick look at a picture of the 2000-watt model proves this. I present it here anyway simply to point that out. So, don’t trust column 2.

ModelHY2000Si at Amazon (incorrect)HY2000Si from Hyundai (correct)HY2800Si
Engine4-cycle, 125cc79cc4-cycle, 150cc
AC Output2200W peak;
2000W rated
2000W peak;
1600W running
2800W peak;
2600W rated
AC Outlets20A 125 VAC duplex;
30A 125 VAC
Two 5-20 20A;
Two 5A USB
Two 120V 21.6A;
One 5V USB
Fuel Tank Capacity1.2 gallons0.9 gallons1.2 gallons
Run Time5.5 hrs. @ 1/2 load11.5 hrs. @ 1/4 load5.6 hrs. @ 1/2 load
Noise Level at Max Load64 dBa59 dBa65 dBa
StarterManual recoilManual recoilElectric;
Recoil (backup)
(H x W x D) in inches
22.4 x 18.9 x 25.820.1 x 11 x 17.722.4 x 18.9 x 25.8
Weight70 pounds44 pounds77 pounds
Warranty2 years3 years3 years*

* Amazon states the warranty is only 2 years. This is likely incorrect.

Hyundai HY2800Si control panel

That’s it. There’s really nothing more to say about these Hyundai generators.

Check out the HY2000Si and the HY2800Si at Amazon now.

If neither of these seems to be what you’re looking for – or if you don’t care for the ratings, even of the HY2800Si – then I would suggest looking at the Honda EU2000i or another similar unit.