Generac iQ2000 vs Generac iX2000 Inverter Generator

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Generac equals generators. Generator is virtually part of their name, their brand. Generac makes many types of generators including inverters like the Generac iQ2000 and (spoiler, formerly) the iX2000.

In this article, I’ll take a look at each of these inverter generators – their similarities and differences – to help you decide if either of these meets your needs.

Before we get into the details though, as I hinted at with the spoiler above, you should know that the iX2000 is a discontinued model. More on this later.

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The Super Quiet Generac iQ2000 Generator

If you are looking for a small, ultra-quiet generator, the iQ2000 is just the thing for you. Generac claims that it creates even less noise than one of the quietest generators in the market, the Honda EU2000i.

Generac iQ2000

Their claim sounds legitimate because it’s “based on independent lab tests using ISO 9614 to measure sound power levels vs. Honda EU2000i.”

Besides not disturbing your own activities with excess noise, the main point of having a quiet generator is so you don’t bother your neighbors. Keep in mind that those neighbors include those at parks, campsites, and sporting event parking lots.

Three Running Modes for Efficiency

The iQ2000 has three modes you can switch among, depending on how you’re using the generator at the time – Standard, Turbo, and Economy.

You’ll know when to set it to Standard based on when you’ll use Turbo or Economy. Turbo is for when you need higher power output. Economy is the setting to use when the items you have connected require minimal power. Standard is for everything else in between.

If you need even more power than what Turbo can give you, you can add a second iQ2000 and run it in parallel with your original generator. You will need to also get the Parallel Kit to connect the two.

Displays and Gauges

No matter how many generators you use or which mode they are set to, you can check the Powerbar display to see the wattage you’re producing. This lets you know the capacity of your generator, so you know which and how many appliances you can connect.

The run-time remaining display shows you how much time you have left before you need to add more gasoline to the 1.06 gallon tank. At 50% load, you should average about 5.7 hours of use. At 25% load, this increases to 7.7 hours or power. Should you need to run at full load for an extended period of time, know that you’ll only get about 2.85 hours or use on a full tank.

As with most generators, the number in the name is starting watts. Running watts for the iQ2000 is 1600.

You can also check status indicators that warn you of low fuel (use regular gas – up to 10% ethanol is acceptable), low oil (use SAE 10W-30), power overload, and overheating conditions.

Generac iQ2000 Specifications

This generator, which is an inverter but not a true sine wave machine, measures 20 inches long by 12.6 inches wide by almost 17 inches high. I don’t have the official weight, but you should be able to carry it easily in one hand.

The single cylinder, OHV engine is air cooled and has 80cc of displacement. The air filter is made of foam and should be easy enough to replace as needed.

The engine has a recoil (pull cord) starter, not an electric start mechanism. There is no remote start option.

The machine and the engine each have a warranty that lasts 3 years, whether you use it for residential or commercial purposes.

Generax iX2000 Portable Generator (Discontinued)

Since Generac has discontinued the iX2000 generator, I’m not going to go into great detail about it. I’ll give you just enough information so that you can compare it to the iQ2000, which probably should be considered its replacement.

For a while, you’ll still be able to find this generator at Amazon (and elsewhere), and you can probably find used ones in various places – perhaps like Craigslist.

Contrary to what I said above about starting and running wattages, the iX2000 has more starting watts – at 2200 – than running watts, which is the 2000 shown in its model name.

This model has a gas tank that is virtually the same size – 1.0 gallons – as the iQ2000. Even so at 50% load, you get about an hour less of power – 4.7 hours – than with the newer model. However, at full load, you still get 2.8 hours of run time. Both use unleaded gasoline.

The 4-stroke, single cylinder, 127cc engine compares favorably with the generator above. It is also a recoil starting machine. You get an extension cord that is to be used only for charging the battery.

The iX2000 measures 22 inches long by 12 inches wide by 18 inches high, so it’s about the same size as the iQ2000. It weighs a tad under 50 pounds, so I would imagine the iQ2000 weighs about the same.

The iX2000 has two 5-20R outlets and one 12 volt DC outlet. You can see what the iQ2000 has in the picture above.

Conclusions about the iQ2000 and iX2000 Generators

So it might come down to the availability of the iX2000 as to whether you get this one or not. When it eventually is no longer available for purchase, I would go with the iQ2000 described above. Both are very quiet machines.

Reviews from current owners aren’t quite as high as I’d like to see, but overall they are still positive. Check them out at Amazon while you can.

Generac iQ2000

Check the pricing and availability of the Generac iQ2000 generator at Amazon.