Kipor Portable Generator Reviews: Are They Without Equal?

Kipor IG2600
Kipor IG2600

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Kipor portable generators are yellow. I suppose this is partly to distinguish them from other popular brands that are primarily red (Honda) and blue (Yamaha).

Kipor (pronounced, kee-pore) assigns the name Sinemaster to their line of digital inverter generators. They probably had the “pure sine wave AC output” in mind when they gave them that name, but if you throw in a little Latin, you could loosely translate the name as “without equal”.

Are the Kipor Sinemaster generators without equal? Let’s take a look at them to see if we can find out in this Kipor IG3000 and Kipor 2000 review and more!

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For some of the models in the list above, you may see different letters (or no letters) at the end of the model name instead of what’s given here. Generally, with the possible exception of the 3000 model, this should not make a difference as to which model you’re actually looking at. Just go with the numbers that indicate the maximum wattage of the unit.

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What Features Are Common to All Kipor Sinemaster Models?

According to Kipor, “The alternator is connected directly to the engine, eliminating the flywheel as in traditional sets [generators]. This design results in a 50% reduction in weight and overall dimensions.”

To get this 50% figure, Kipor must not be comparing these generators to other inverter generator models from manufacturers like Honda or Yamaha. For example, if you compare the Kipor and Yamaha 2000 models, as in the table below, you’ll see that they are roughly the same size and weight.

L x W x H (in.)20 x 11 x 16.7519.3 x 11.0 x 17.9
Weight (lbs.)48.544.1

It’s not that the 50% reduction is a bad thing. It’s just that it’s not all that special, as other manufacturers have done the same thing.

Kipor generators also use a smart throttle system to conserve on fuel. They have a noise dampening design, and they let you know when the oil level is low. Other manufacturers also have these features in their machines.

All the engines used here are air cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV types with electronic ignitions. Most of that won’t matter to many of you, but I include it for those who are interested in such details.

You can use normal automotive unleaded gasoline to make your Kipor generator work.

All the Kipor models include these accessories.

  • Oil fill bottle
  • Spare spark plug
  • Wrench and handle
  • Charge cable

What Are the Differences from One Sinemaster to the Next?

It’s easiest to see the model differences in a table, so here are several you can scan to see at a glance which Sinemaster has what.

ModelRated Output (W)HP at Rated RPMEngineDisplacement (cc)
IG1000P9001.74 at 5500KG14453.5
IG2000P16002.95 at 4500KG158105.6
IG2600P*23004.4 at 3600KG166171
IG3000W28005.36 at 3600KG205GETi196
IG3000E28005.36 at 3600KG205KEXi196
IG430040007.4 at 3600KG280GETi277
IG6000**550010.3 at 3600KG390GETi389

*Also IG2600H and IG2600HP
**Also IG6000H

ModelStarterDecibels***Run Time (hrs.)Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.)
IG3000WRecoil / Electric738.03.4
IG3000ERecoil / Electric745.02.0
IG4300Recoil / Electric695.03.4
IG6000**Recoil / Electric706.05.9

*Also IG2600H and IG2600HP
**Also IG6000H
***At full load

ModelL x W x H (in.)Dry Weight (lbs.)Receptacles
IG1000P17.5 x 9.5 x 14.1730.8Duplex; 30A 120V / 30A 120V
IG2000P20 x 11 x 16.7548.5Duplex; 30A 120V / 30A 120V
IG2600P23.22 x 12.99 x 18.8968Duplex; 30A 120V / 30A 120V
IG3000W27.5 x 17 x 19.9132.3L5-30R A/C Twist-Lock; Duplex; 30A 120V / 30A 120V
IG3000E20 x 17 x 18.588L5-30R A/C Twist-Lock; Duplex; 30A 120V / 30A 120V
IG430030.9 x 18.5 x 22.4165L14-30R A/C Twist-Lock; L5-30R A/C Twist-Lock; GFCI Duplex: 30A 120V / 30A 120V
IG600049 x 19.5 x 23.5223 L14-30R A/C Twist-Lock; L5-30R A/C Twist-Lock; GFCI Duplex: 30A 120V / 30A 120V

Uses of the Kipor Inverter Generators

Kipor suggests that you can easily use the IG2600H at a campsite because it includes a retractable handle. With an optional parallel kit, you can combine 2 IG2600 units that could run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner.

Per Kipor, your IG3000 can run a “13,500 BTU air conditioner or a 1.2 HP air compressor or an automatic washer.”

“The IG3000E is the open-framed version and has a noise level of 70-74dB at 23′. The IG3000E is constructed for environments where noise is not a concern; i.e., construction sites, roadside maintenance, racetracks, etc.

The IG4300 can run several appliances at the same time. This includes most air conditioners (without start capacitors).

The IG6000 and IG6000H are designed with the larger trailers in mind. The IG6000H model features wheelbarrow style handles and large pneumatic tires to make it easier to cart those 223 pounds around.

What’s the Verdict on Kipor Sinemaster Generators?

So are these Kipor generators “without equal”? Probably not, but they are good quality machines that deserve a good look.

One owner commented on the “pure sine wave” feature.

“Don’t think of “pure sine wave” as a useless luxury. It’s useful. You can’t run your microwave without one. I had 3 fans burn out over a series of a couple of months when I was using an inverter that did not produce a pure sine wave. Almost everything runs a bit smoother on pure sine wave, and some things won’t run at all.”

Another user remarks especially about the decibel level.

“I run 3 trailers on it and no problems handling the load. I also told a dozen people that asked about it where I got it and they were thrilled, they also remarked on how smooth and quiet it run[s].”

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